learn to read
in 30 hours or less

Linkit to Read® is a multisensory approach to teaching English as a Foreign Language (E.F.L) where children and adults learn to read, write and spell in 30 hours or less.

it’s fun to learn

games take the chore out of learning

it’s phonetic

the key to reading success

it uses all the senses

sight, sound, movement, touch

What makes Linkit to Read® different?

Linkit to Read® is unique in that it uses cognates as the foundation of its program, thereby helping learners for whom English is not their first language to learn in an informal, fun and relaxed way.

Cognates are words that have a similar sound and meaning in their mother tongue as in English.

As the key to reading success is using a phonetic system, Linkit to Read® effectively teaches the mechanics of reading quickly and easily, thereby promoting “reading for meaning” early in the program, together with the skills to master spelling.

The program is based on interactive games which makes learning fun, promotes social interaction and challenges the mind by using all the senses. Different areas of the brain are activated, different learning styles are addressed and memory is enhanced.


Linkit Early Mini Kit®

Designed for home use for parents and tutors

An introduction to spoken English to build vocabulary and skills needed for reading readiness in a fun and exciting way

Approved by the Ministry of Education

Linkit to Read®

Designed for individual or small groups of children, youth and adults

A patented methodology to teach basic reading English (E.F.L) with meaning in the quickest and simplest way possible through the medium of games

Approved by the Ministry of Education

Linkit Early®

Designed for nursery schools, pre-school and lower grades

An interactive fun-filled learning system for building a solid foundation to spoken English (E.F.L) and reading readiness

Approved by the Ministry of Education

Linkit Class®

Designed for large groups or classroom teaching of all ages and levels.

A patented unique system for teaching basic reading with meaning using a multi-purpose activity floor mat with bean bags

Approved by the Ministry of Education

Our New Products

Linkit to Read® Online

An online, multisensory program for teaching fundamental E.F.L. reading, writing and spelling in the simplest and most enjoyable way possible, with tutor support.

Approved by the Ministry of Education

Zoom in to Linkit to Read® Online

This is a 6-hour training workshop via Zoom to accompany the Membership Linkit to Read training material.

Approved by the Ministry of Education

in the media

TECI Linkit, Editorial in Telfed Mag, Chanukkah 2017

Esra Magazine

Classic FM Radio Interview


Learners having fun using the program and learning with enthusiasm

learning vowel sounds

reading a short story after 6 hours

learning to speak using cognates

“Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember.

Involve me, and I learn” -Xun Kuang

how it works

Our program offers a multisensory and interactive learning experience using games, songs, chants, stories and drawings.

make a difference

Make a difference in the life of a child and help address illiteracy

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