TECI Linkit, Editorial in Telfed Mag, Chanukkah 2017

After successfully completing the pilot English Reading programme for Ethiopian children at the Maksam Centres in Hadera in the 2016/2017 school year, the programme has now progressed to the next stage. During the pilot stage, the developer of the Linkit-to-Learn programme, Estelle Treiwis personally undertook the teaching of the children. In the next stage, Estelle is training four facilitators at the Maksam Centres who will each be taught to instruct groups of six pupils simultaneously. Each trainer will be able to undertake several groups. Part of the service being provided by Estelle allows for ongoing monitoring and supervision of the classes to ensure that the required methodology is correctly implemented and that the standards are maintained. The next phase, (already under discussion) is to introduce the programme to the Ethiopian kids in Beit Shemesh. This will hopefully come to fruition during the course of the current school year. There is also a preparatory programme called Linkit Early which is ideal for younger, preschool children and which is a stepping-stone to reading-readiness. While the Linkit-to-Read programme is currently being directed in conjunction with TECI towards the children of the Ethiopian community, there are many other areas throughout Israel where children are not being taught adequately to read English and there are many children who could potentially benefit from the programme.