It’s fun to learn

Games take the chore out of learning


Promotes social interaction
Challenges the mind 
Provides motivated stimulated repetition

It uses all the senses

Sightsound, movement, touch   


Activates different areas of the brain
Addresses different learning styles
Enhances memory

It’s phonetic

The key to reading success!


Effectively teaches the mechanics of reading
New words can be sounded out easily
Builds skills needed to master spelling


For whom is this product?

For Parents and Caregivers

  • Linkit Early Mini™ gives your child a headstart to learning English.
  • It is designed as a stepping stone for reading readiness.

For Nursery Schools and Grade R

  •  Linkit Early™ is an activitybased teaching system that will keep children engaged for hours while learning English.
  • It is an interactive learning system for reading readiness.

For people who want to make a difference

  • CSI Managers – Linkit to Read™ can be branded exclusively for your company to create a lifelong impact on children and adults.
  • ED Managers – The Linkit to Learn™ products will empower entrepreneurs for impactful entrepreneurship in their community
  • Teachers – Linkit to Read™ can provide learners with a quick, meaningful reading experience
  • Entrepreneurs – Start a Linkit to Learn™ Academy and build a business for social impact